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Crawl Space Guide for Home Energy Efficiency & Healthy Homes

The mission of this site is to inform visitors about how a crawl space - whether it's dirt, concrete, vented, and/or unconditioned - effects the energy efficiency and overall healthiness of a home. From moisture control to insulating a crawl space to ventilation and finally solutions, learn all about the issues around a crawl space under a home.

  • A family in Tennessee has 37 floor joists replaced in their eight-year old home.
  • A South Carolina mother takes her four-year-old daughter to the doctor, again, desperately searching for a medical solution to the child’s serious asthma and allergy-like symptoms.
  • A Connecticut condominium board meets and again the main topic of the discussion is additional rot repairs needed. They approve yet another major expense.
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  • An Indiana homeowner tries to lower his home energy costs, making frequent trips to the local hardware store for caulk, weather-stripping, and insulation for his attic, all with little results to his household fuel bills.
  • An Oregon attorney writes a lawsuit for his clients mold claim, trying to include all the target plaintiffs.
  • An Arkansas homeowner goes to work after making arrangements for someone to let the exterminator into the house to deal with the pest problem that he can never seem to get rid of.
  • A Virginia family hires a firm to perform expensive mold remediation in their home and considers moving out until the work can be completed.

What is the source of these problems?
Answer: Dirt crawl spaces.

There is no shred of evidence or science that says vented dirt crawl spaces make sense – and tons of evidence that says they are a serious problem.

Yet, over 250,000 new homes and thousands of additions are built each year with dirt crawl spaces. There are now 26 million of them.

The building code not only allows dirt crawl spaces, but actually makes the problem much worse by requiring them to be vented. Homeowners, and the U.S. economy are paying the price in so many ways. It's time for something to be done – right now.

How Stuff Works - Explanation of how a crawl space is built and why a crawl space has several advantages over basement and slabs.